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Monetize its audience

Webmasters, bloggers, youtubers : discover the solutions to monetize your traffic

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You have done the hard part: acquiring a hearing. But you do not know how to monetize the traffic of your blog, your website, your social network page or views of your videos.

There are solutions to meet each of these cases:

  • Become affiliate will squeeze any intermediate to work directly with advertisers.
  • you have not yet reached that point of verticality: via online advertising agencies who offer campaigns and various economic models. The best known: Google Adsense.
  • make money with videos can also be done by different meanings, discover which are suitable list of sites, including YouTube unbeatable.

If there was one thing to remember in terms of monetizing a non-commercial site that would be:

More targeted your traffic is, the better you can monetize it.

The amount of visitors does not mean much because some topics are more profitable than others, however please note that below 100 visitors / day do not expect to earn a penny with your web traffic.

We can give a risky earning calculation method depending on the traffic of a site, which has the merit to become familiar with orders of magnitude in web monetization:

Divide by 5 your number of daily visitors and you will have the minimum amount you can earn per month.

Thus a site / blog visited by 10,000 people / day should be able to bring at least 2 000 $/€ per month to its owner.

Of course, depending on the quality of the traffic (bounce rate, duration of visit), the thematic of content and targeting of visitors, the gains can be divided or multiplied by a 10 factor.

In all cases you will need to carefully analyze your business statistics (eg Google Analytics) to analyze the behavior of your visitors, what will become one of your princiaples activities as a publisher of content on the Internet.


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