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NBR is only a guide wich is presentating to you a list a site on which you can earn money online. We are a directory only. Please consider that it's impossible to make money directly on NBR. NBR is only here to help you to find your best way to make money online. Good reading and good luck !

Money & Finance See

Rewarding websites

29Cashback16Free lottery32Free rewarding games sites151GPT4Paid Files Sites56Paid surveys sites2Panels of product testers43Payed to be fan407Profitable mobile applications810PTC / Paid To Click59PTR7Voucher codes sites10Mafia games5Mobile credit refunders4Paid online shops3Paid quiz3Paid SMS5Paid to search24Places to sell computer processing power5Private GPT35PTP5Sites to earn codes55Sites to win Steam objects


121Cloud Mining Websites82Cryptocurrencies624Cryptocurrency Faucets128Cryptocurrency trading / exchange platforms64Cryptocurrency Wallets95ICO & Token Sales28Mining Pools4Cryptocurrency Games

Self Investment

18Crowdfunding platforms37Forex brokers2744Ponzis and matrix


Horse betting sites9Paid multiplayer games9Poker sites43Sports betting Sites & Apps8Surf Bar2Fair penny auctions3Scratch gamesWinning Call16With charge lotteries

Monetize its audience

309Advertising networks155Affiliate programs and white markings4Paid blog33Sites for monetize its videos3Micro-payment services83PPD (Pay Per Download) sites238URL shorteners

Work at home

20Freelancer missions sites107MLM14Online transcription jobs from home

Bank & Insurance

2Online banking23Online payment services7Personal Fundraising Sites

Employment & Education

2Blogs about financial independence6Vacant situations45Electronic money ExchangersOnline bank credits and debt consolidation loans
60 Rankings6856 Reviews
Culture & Leisure See


9MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)5Teacher / coach of tutoring services8Teachers Resources for Lesson Planning Templates and Tools22Websites and applications to learn languages

Outing & dating

34Amusement parks24Dating sites and applications

Design, Photo & Video

11Custom photo book makers online10Invitation cards makers15Online art gallery11Sites for photo printing

Streaming & Download

7Free movies and series streaming websites4Legal movies and series streaming websites7Music sharing websites11Music streaming appsWebsites for ticketing creation
15 Rankings178 Reviews
Web & Hi-Tech See

Data & Programming

7CMS3eCommerce Software15Picture bank2Purchase / sale of domain name13Sites to send and share big files27website hosts


3Emailing Solutions153Promotional tools2SEO tools : keywords generator & backlinks checker

Office & Communication

9 Rankings225 Reviews
Fashion & DIY See


Home, DIY & Pets

9Classified ads / garage saleRent its objects5Sites of flowers delivery
3 Rankings14 Reviews
Services & Transports See


5Carpooling11Renting its accomodation

Industry & B2B

2 Rankings16 Reviews

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