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Ranking of 4 legal movies and series streaming websites

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Want to watch your favorite movies and series online? Here is a list of the best places to watch them...

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legal movies and series streaming websites : Our analysis

Streaming market has litteraly exploded the last few years. It's now very easy to find websites that allows to watch your favorite movies and series from your computer or your smartphone...

Among all the sites present on the web, it's hard to make a choice, between legal and illegal, paid or free sites...The task is finally harder than expected...



Let's start with a kind reminder: streaming allows the reading of a video (or an audio) flow while playing. In other words, the reading doesn't require any downloading.


Legal sites...

In order to help you remaining in the legal way, offers a list of websites ranked by Hadopi (Hadopi is a French organisation dedicated in spreading works and protecting the rights on the Internet)

The research is dead simple as boxes just have to be ticked : you can find what you need in a few clicks only!


Legal deadlines for a first exploitation (as per French laws)...

Another information to be kept in mind: before and during a 4 month-leadtime after a theatrical release, no movie can be legaly watched on Internet. Then, from 4 up to 10 months, the movie is available in VOD, with a one-off payment. (you can read more about it HERE)


Regarding american series, we can notice a legal time-lag of the release among 6 and 9 months between the US and France.

This time-lag is due to agreement between the copirights owners and operators, as well as time for translation, dubbing...


This time-lag can be deleted in case of specific agreements between 2 partners (owner/operator). That's the case for HBO and OCS, whose agreements allow some series like TWD and Vice Principals (for example) to be watched in France 24h only after their release in the US.


Last opinions
  • Severelydarkthing avatar
    11 months · is rating Filmotv

    Many awesome sites.
  • Severelydarkthing avatar
    11 months · is rating OCS Go

    It looks good.
  • Severelydarkthing avatar
    11 months · is rating Netflix

  • reviewsbytony avatar
    11 months · is rating Amazon Prime Video

    I have Amazon and Netflix. Use both of them on my smart TV. Amazon is cheaper than Netflix but then again it has maybe 20-25% of Netflix's total catalog, if that much. It's got some TV shows I like so it's definitely worth it, for me at least. Before you subscribe take a look at the original shows made by Amazon and see if it'd be worth paying the subscription for you.

    Worth noting that you get a free Twitch Prime account thrown in when you sign up for an Amazon Prime Video accoun...

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