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List of establishments offering online banking service.

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online banking : Our analysis

Reduce your bank fees 

Initially reserved for people with deep pockets, the use of online banking is now democratized thanks to lower bank fees they generate, unlike traditional banks. Over 3 million of French people have a savings booklet  or current account with one of them. Often used as a second bank, their use reduces its costs to a minimum. How is this possible? Just because of the dematerialisation of their network allows them to make big savings, both building and staff management. We can end up with a free credit card, more affordable services, savings highest paid but also have access to innovative mobile apps. 


Advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional banks 

The only drawback is the inability to deposit cash easily. However this is a case that is rare in everyday life. We can of course also note the absence of off-phone board. This seems to be obvious. 

The benefits are multiple meanwhile: 

  • everything can be managed online, which is still not the case in all classic banks. 
  • low banking fees as explained above. 
  • Free credit card for at least one year (and sometimes lifetime). 
  • enticing welcome bonus (on average € 80 offered to open an account), this is not nothing.
Last opinions
  • abbakhan avatar
    4 months · is rating Revolut

    This is a company managed by Russian people in the UK. As a starting company, they have not much reputation in internet, but naturally as the policy of company is terrible, negative reviews coming our more and more everyday.

    This company does not follow any law neither do they care about their own policy and the policy/ terms and conditions seems to be only for official reason.

    Here are some links talking about others' experiences with this terrible company run by R...
  • Severelydarkthing avatar
    10 months · is rating Revolut

    Nice site.
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