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What is a rewarding site?

It is a website that pays its users in exchange for the completion of an online task.

This task can be varied in nature but often enters one of these cases:

  • visit another website
  • fill out a form
  • answer a questionnaire
  • register on a site
  • make an online purchase
  • make available the power of its processor
  • give email to participate in a draw

As you can see, it is not a question here of a job as such, just a small task, against which you will receive a small financial compensation.


How much does it relate? 

Not much, but still enough to interest some people. According to the categories described below, the gains are variable, I invite you to look at each of them.


Why presented categories are differents ?

The largest category is the one that hosts the largest number of reviews - a review is a description on NetBusinessRating about a gainful website - ie the sites that pay to perform tasks, the principle just explained before. We could only leave this main category, but if we have to create other, there's a good reason: their activities are specific.


Save money !

Cashback is however the easiest way to make money online : cashback sites pays you a percentage of every purchase made on a site merchant partner.

To save through internet there are other solutions such as a refund to you any unused mobile package or tracking down discount coupons to print out and use in physical store.


Play and win, for free!

There are many sites of so-called free-paying games, distinguish pay remunerative games, with real bet. These free sites are marginal in players volume but have communities admittedly limited but very active and invested. If you are looking as much a social link that the enjoyment of the game via the Internet, you can turn to these prolific communities.


The obscure world of crypto-currencies

We say "obscure" here in the sense that it is a complex industry where you will not be paid in dollar but in bitcoin or other dematerialized currencies. By some considered this is the future of global finance, only a marginal phenomenon for others, unknown to most, that's why this industry has difficulty to get out clichés that stick to its skin. Very volatile, the crypto-currencies are constantly changing, hence the hope of quick profits.


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